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Achieve an elegant exterior with our flush casement windows. We are fabricators and installers based in Belfast. Start your flush casement window quote online today.

Flush Sash

Their unique defining feature, our flush casement windows, are recessed into the profile of your property. This gives them a slimline, flush exterior, helping to maintain a minimalist look for your home.

Why Choose Total Home Improvements?

Total Home Improvements fabricate and install quality home improvements. From our base in Belfast, we have complete control of the manufacturing process. Maintaining high standards, we select the very best materials for our products. We are also an approved Deceuninck fabricator, able to provide customers with the very best windows and doors. Our fittings are smooth, efficient and hassle free.


Period Look

Flush casement windows are perfect for period homes. They are designed to replicate the look of traditional timber. Our range of woodgrain foils will complete the look for true authenticity.


Made from high quality uPVC, our flush casement windows feature weather seals. Redirecting water away from the property, it’ll keep your Belfast home dry. Draughts will be a thing of the past also.

Secure Locks

Feel secure with our flush casement windows. With a range of multi point locking, these uPVC windows will prevent attack. You’ll be able to feel safe and rest with peace of mind in your home.

Thermally Efficient Flush Casement Windows

Many homeowners are upgrading to modern double glazing to achieve better thermal efficiency. Modern materials are much more energy efficient. Compared to antiquated materials, they’ll help trap heat within the home. As a result, you’ll experience a more consistent and constant temperature. Create a cosier home that stays warm in winter with our flush casement windows.

While you’ll be able to feel the effects of thermal insulation, you could see them in your bills as well. With less heat escaping your home throughout the year, you could see less reliance on central heating. This, in turn, could see a reduction in your utility and heating bills. As a result, flush casement windows could make your Belfast property more cost effective.

Low Maintenance uPVC Windows

Aesthetic Flush Casement Windows

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What accreditation do you have?

Accreditation is a great sign of quality. We are proud to be accredited by top UK authorities. This includes GGF, BBA, SafeCert and BSI Kitemarks. With this approval, you’re ensured great performance.

What other products do you offer?

Is installation hassle free?

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Acoustic Insulation

Double glazed as standard, our uPVC windows will provide acoustic insulation. Forget about loud and disruptive noise. You’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful home instead.

Flush Casement Window Prices

We use an online quoting engine that provides rapid prices. In moments, you could have a bespoke price suited to your measurements. Start your flush casement window quote online today!


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Flush Casement Window Prices

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