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Get the ultimate performance in thermal efficiency with our solid conservatory roofs. From our base in Belfast, we fabricate and install home improvements. Start your solid conservatory roof quote today!


We work with the best to produce high quality solid conservatory roofs. Industry leader Ultraframe supply us with the designs for their Livinroof. This delivers class leading thermal and security performance.

Why Choose Total Home Improvements?

If you're looking for a one stop shop for your home improvements, we're your go-to. As our name would suggest, we handle the entirety of the process. Manufacturing our windows, doors and conservatories from our base in Belfast, we maintain quality control. You can rely on our expert staff to give you the guidance and support that you need. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!


Versatile Design

The Livinroof is a truly versatile design. It can be used with virtually any design or layout of conservatory. Even if you have an unorthodox design, our solid conservatory roof will fit perfectly.

Glass Panels

The design of our solid conservatory roofs allows for a configuration of glass panels. You can place them virtually anywhere. Maximise the natural light in your conservatory space with the Livinroof.

Patented Ultrapanels

The lightest conservatory roofs available, our solid conservatory roofs are made using pre cut patented ultrapanels. This allows for a faster installation and keeps all the cutting off site, they're also fully insulated for the best thermal efficiency.

Safe and Secure Solid Conservatory Roofs

We have worked hard to make sure our solid conservatory roofs are 100% safe. Many design elements have been considered to ensure this. The entire system has been independently tested for fire resistance. More important than ever, this will ensure that your conservatory remains safe, even in the worst case scenario. Ensure peace of mind for your Belfast home with our replacement roofs.

It’s not just fireproof, however. Our solid conservatory roofs have also been tested for snow and wind loads. Incorporating NASA data, the Livinroof is precision engineered to your postcode to withstand the elements. It’ll be able to shrug off even the worst snow and rainstorms. It’s also been tested to 130mph winds. That’s hurricane level force! This replacement roof is ready for anything.

Versatile Design

The Warmest Solid Conservatory Roof

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What accreditation do you have?

Total Home Improvements have been recognised by several major UK authorities for our outstanding service and products. We have the backing of GGF, BBA, SafeCert and BSI Kitemarks. You can trust us to deliver a truly outstanding service that you won’t forget.

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Cornice Options

You have several choices for cornice options. Choose between a one tier, two tier, three tier, curved or no cornice options. It’s just one more way you can customise your solid conservatory roof.

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