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Make a great first impression with our range of aluminium residential doors. Based in Belfast, we fabricate and install home improvements. Start your residential door quote online today!

Top Industry Supplier Aluco

You can trust the quality of our aluminium residential doors. Working with leading name Aluco, the profiles we use are designed to deliver top performance. Total Home Improvements only work with the best.

Why Choose Total Home Improvements?

As fabricators and installers of quality home improvements based in Belfast, we offer a comprehensive process for customers. Being in total control of the process, we can ensure fantastic quality throughout your experience. We can also offer our customers excellent levels of customisation. Achieve the perfect home improvements for your property with total Home Improvements.


Slim Sightlines

Being made of durable and sturdy aluminium, our residential doors offer slim sightlines. This is perfect for homeowners looking to add a modern, minimalist feel to their property.

Reinforced Hinges

Being the main line of defence between your home and intruders, our residential doors feature reinforced hinges. In conjunction with the sturdy aluminium profile, you’ll have one secure front door.

Rebated Door

Keeping out the effects of weathering, our doors feature double weather seals. No matter the weather, your home will be protected from moisture ingress. Keep your home dry with residential doors.

Durable Aluminium Residential Doors

Choosing an aluminium residential door for your home will have long lasting benefits. When you choose aluminium, you’re choosing a material that is built for longevity. Unlike wood, aluminium will never rot, warp or fade. Instead, you’ll have decades of high performance. The lifespan that they offer will eliminate the need for replacements, making for a cost effective solution.

Going hand in hand with their durability, our residential doors will offer weatherproof performance. No matter the weather, the double weather seals of our aluminium doors will keep your home warm and dry. Wherever your home is in relation to us in Belfast, you’ll see the benefits of aluminium double glazed doors. Achieve a weatherproof performance with these front doors.

Slimline, Sleek and Stylish Aluminium Doors

Thermally Efficient, Secure Residential Doors

Residential Doors Northern Ireland

What accreditation do you have?

We have the approval of GGF, BBA, SafeCert and BSI Kitemarks. With all this accreditation, you can trust our aluminium residential doors to deliver outstanding performance. Forget about compromise with Total Home Improvements.

What other products do you offer?

Where are your products manufactured?

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Noise Reduction

Working from home and tired of disruption? Don’t worry! Our aluminium residential doors are completely soundproof. You won’t have to put up with noise disrupting your routines.

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