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Get the best performance out of your home with our uPVC back doors. Based in Belfast, we fabricate and install home improvements. Start your back door quote online today!

Double or Triple Glazed

Our back doors are available, either double or triple glazed. Both will offer a great level of thermal efficiency. There are options between 24mm and 44mm to cater to every homeowners' need.

Why Choose Total Home Improvements?

Here at Total Home Improvements in Belfast, customers come first. We take the time to offer our expert support and advice to homeowners. Right from the start of the design process, we'll help you to craft the perfect windows and doors. Making to measure from our base here in Belfast, we're able to cater our home enhancements to your needs. Never compromise on style with Total Home Improvements.


Multi Chambered

In order to offer the best thermal efficiency, our back doors are of a multi chambered design. With thermal inserts, this will help to trap heat within your home for energy efficiency double glazed windows.

Multipoint Locking

Our back doors feature multi point locking as standard. These secure hardware features are designed to keep intruders away from your home. Relax with peace of mind knowing you are protected.

Bubble Weather Seals

Your back doors main job is to keep the weather outside where it belongs. Using bubble weather seals in the profile, they’ll repel even extreme weather. Come wind, rain or snow; your home will be secure.

Maintenance Free Back Doors

uPVC is incredibly easy to keep looking its best. Unlike wooden materials, it doesn’t absorb moisture. No matter the weather, uPVC back doors will hold their shape, resisting the effects of rotting, warping or swelling. You’ll also never need to repaint these double glazed doors. All it will take to keep your back entrance doors looking their best is the occasional cloth wipe. Enjoy hassle free performance.

As well as being virtually maintenance free, our uPVC back doors will provide a durable performance. You won’t be settling for years of use. Rather, you’ll have longevity that is in the decades. Their also incredibly sturdy, helping to repel intruders and the effects of weathering in equal measure. When you choose us, you’re choosing decades of hassle free performance.

The Perfect uPVC Doors for Your Home

Energy Efficient Back Doors

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What accreditation do you have?

Our doors feature Secured by Design accreditation. This ensures our double glazed doors are protected against even the most determined attacks. On top of this, we have accreditation from GGF, BBA, SafeCert and BSI Kitemarks.

What other windows and doors do you offer?

Do your back doors have a guarantee?

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Chamfered or Ovolo Profiles

You can choose between chamfered or ovolo aesthetics for your back door. Whichever you choose, they’ll offer a stunning amount of style for your home.

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