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Total Garden Rooms fabricate, supply & install a range of Insulated Garden Rooms across Belfast & Northern Ireland. Whether you need a Home Office, Home Gym or Garden Bar, Total Garden Rooms will help you to bring it to life.

Benefits of a Garden Room

Garden rooms are a versatile solution for you to create your very own personal space, without the hassle or complications of a home extension. Installing a garden room eliminates the lengthy process of building a home extension, with our insulation time being 3-5 days.

Why Choose Total Garden Rooms?

Design your very own Insulated Garden Room. Our Bespoke package allows you to decide upon an array of optional extras to construct a Garden Room just as unique as you are and that fits your individual taste and style of living. Our in-house Design Team can give you advice based on their wealth of experience to create your dream Garden Room.

What is a Garden Room?

A Garden Room is a standalone & insulated building in your garden – separate from your main residence. Our Garden Rooms are luxury structures – made from the highest quality materials, architecturally beautiful & fully insulated, allowing for a beautiful multi-purpose space which can be enjoyed year-round.

Popular Uses

At Total Garden Rooms, we believe your new Insulated Garden Room is the perfect blank canvas! Our Garden Rooms are so versatile, complete with lighting, heating, electrics & more, they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Easy 3 Step Process

Here at Total Garden Rooms, our highly qualified team work collaboratively to design, manufacture and install the highest quality garden room products for all of our customers. Total Garden Rooms are completely manufactured on-site, here in Northern Ireland, so you always have total peace of mind that everything is made to the highest standards.

Work From Home Garden Room Office

Our garden offices, often referred to as garden rooms, are standalone structures located away from your main house, providing a perfect retreat in your garden for homes in Belfast and across Northern Ireland. This physical separation helps create a clear boundary between work and home life, making it easier to relax and unwind after a busy day. For those hesitant about working from home, stepping into a private garden office can feel more like going to a dedicated workspace rather than just moving to another room in your house.

In addition to being a great workspace, our garden offices offer a peaceful hideaway for when life gets hectic. They provide extra space with built-in privacy, perfect for some “me time” or a quiet retreat. Enjoy the benefits of a versatile, private space with one of our garden offices, and experience the balance and tranquillity it brings to your home life in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Garden Room Gyms

Entertaining Guests with your Garden Room


Highly Secure & Insulated Garden Rooms

Our weatherproof insulated garden rooms let you reclaim your garden, offering enjoyment throughout the year. With large glazing panels, you can appreciate the beauty of your garden while staying warm and dry inside. Featuring internal beading and quality double glazing, our garden rooms are designed for peak thermal efficiency. If you prefer a warmer environment, we can integrate heating into the build. The high-performance construction ensures any added heat stays inside, providing a cosy atmosphere unless you choose to open the doors.

Enjoy your garden even in the depths of winter with our insulated garden rooms. High levels of insulation and superior double glazing help maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature year-round. With our garden rooms, you won’t need to worry about the chill, ensuring a cosy retreat regardless of the season.

Customised Garden Rooms for Every Home

Enjoy Your Garden Room All Year Round

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Unique Designs

One size doesn’t fit all – that’s why at Total Garden Rooms we offer Six Stunning Garden Rooms, all of which can be tailored to best suit your needs as well as your personal taste. With a range of external & internal finishes to choose from, choice of lights as well as choice of architectural style, our Insulated Garden Rooms can be fully customised to the size & style that suits you.


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