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Bring your home into the 21st century with our range of aluminium windows. Based in Belfast, we fabricate and install windows and doors. Start your aluminium windows quote online today!

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By working with the best, industry leading names, we can supply quality aluminium windows. We work with Sapa, Aluco and Stellar. Their dedication to high standards results in a great performance.

Why Choose Total Home Improvements?

Total Home Improvements will take care of you throughout your entire home transformation. Being the fabricator and installers, we’ll be with you through every step of the process. Right from the initial design of your windows and doors, we’ll offer the expert support and advice that you need. For a comprehensive service and the best quality products, choose Total Home Improvements.


Slimline Aesthetics

Thanks to their strength, aluminium windows achieve slim sightlines. With the focus placed on the glazing rather than the frame, you’ll get the most stylish look. Maximise aesthetics with aluminium.

Low U-Values

Tired of temperature fluctuations? Our aluminium windows are thermally efficient. They’ll help to trap heat within your home. Double glazed as standard, you could transform your home’s energy efficiency.


Here in Belfast, we’re no strangers to unpredictable weather. This won’t be a concern for your aluminium windows. Using weatherseals through the profile, they’ll keep even the worst weather away.

Strong and Durable Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is a naturally durable material. Much more impact resistant than traditional builds, our aluminium windows are built to last. Fully weatherproof, our aluminium double glazed windows won’t be affected by adverse weather or ageing. Instead, you’ll have an incredibly durable performance. If you’re looking for windows that will last, choose aluminium for your Belfast home.

Such is the strength of aluminium; you can forget about years of performance. With aluminium windows, the benchmark is much higher. You’ll be looking at a lasting performance that is in the decades. Aluminium double glazing will look and function the best even after years of operation. They really are a long lasting solution for your home. For lasting quality, choose aluminium.

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Energy Efficient Aluminium Windows


What accreditation do you have?

A good sign of our dedication to quality, we have several accreditations from top UK authorities. This includes GGF, BBA, SafeCert and BSI Kitemarks. These accreditations ensure that our windows and doors offer great performance. Buy with confidence from Total Home Improvements.

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Natural Light

The slim framing of aluminium windows offers sleek style. The extra benefit of this is more natural light entering your home. With more natural light, your living space will seem even larger.

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