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Here at Total Home, we offer acoustic glass, which is perfect for reducing noise in your home. We supply and install to homes in Belfast and across Northern Ireland. Acoustic glazing is a type of glass specifically designed for soundproofing your home – and does this more effectively than standard double glazing.

Home Comfort

Acoustic glass is designed to keep noise outside your Northern Ireland home. Achieve exceptional levels of sound insulation no matter the external environment. You might consider acoustic glazing if you live near a busy main road, in a noisy neighbourhood, or near an airport. Our Acoustic glazing can be applied to any of the windows we install, ensuring a peaceful and secure home.

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Here at Total Home, we value our customers and appreciate the need to take time and care to ensure the best home improvements time and time again. We like to offer a completely transparent and friendly service that you can rely on.


Lightweight Panels

Instead of using thick and heavy glass panels, acoustic glass offers lightweight noise reduction.

Wide frequency Range

Our range of acoustic glazing offers even sound insulation across the entire sound frequency.

Thermally Efficient

As well as keeping your Belfast or further afield home insulated from sound, our acoustic glass offers thermal efficiency.

Acoustic Performance - 6.8mm (18mm Cavity)

Acoustic Glazing Northern Ireland

Rw represents the average sound reduction performance across a range of frequencies.

Acoustic Performance - 8.8mm (20mm Cavity)

Acoustic Performance 8.8mm (22mm Cavity)

How does Acoustic Glazing work?

Noise reduction is achieved through absorbing sound with more mass and thicker glass. Our acoustic glazing is manufactured using two layers of annealed glass, then laminated with an acoustically absorbent plastic – Polyvinyl Butyral. Despite using multiple layers, it has the appearance of a single pane of glass for a minimalist effect.

You’ll be able to keep noise and disruption out of your home thanks to this style of glazing. With a noise reduction effect as significant as 42dB, you will be able to enjoy much greater privacy. Keep peace and quiet in your home all year round with our range of acoustic glazing.

Is acoustic glazing better than triple glazing?

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Hassle Free

You won’t have to spend all of your waking hours keeping your windows in top shape. Our acoustic glazing is designed to be hassle free.

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