Introducing: Verandas

23 June 2023

Introducing: Verandas

Our Benefits of Having a Veranda in your Home  

In Northern Ireland, installing a veranda is becoming increasingly fashionable. These contemporary covered seating spaces are stylish and practical, and they provide you a tonne of new ways to enjoy your garden. Let’s investigate the top advantages of having a veranda in your home to help you determine if it’s the perfect investment for you and we will let you know what all the fuss is about! 


Verandas offer a sheltered Entertainment Space  

One of the main advantages of having a veranda in your home is that it can give you and your family and friends a place to entertain under cover. 

Two of the best ways to enhance your garden are to have covered seating and easy access to shade; a veranda provides both of these. Even in bad weather, they can improve the use and social aspects of your outdoor living space. 

Additionally, you’ll have a covered area for your kids (or dogs) to play outside without being exposed to the sun on those infrequent sunny days. 


Modernises the Home  

A veranda gives a garden a more modern appearance in contrast to a conservatory or an extension, which is frequently more expensive and can look old. The floor to ceiling transparent walls can increase natural light and provide the appearance of spaciousness. 

You can make your veranda seem as fashionable and cutting-edge as you wish since us at Total Home NI offers customised designs that are completely customizable. We offer a range of additional extras, such as retractable shades and ceilings, LED lighting, wall-mounted heaters, and composite decking options are a few examples. 


Provides inside and outside space  

A universal answer is offered by verandas with sliding doors and retractable roofs. You may sit indoors or outside in comfort no matter the weather, which is perfect with our often unpredictable Northern Irish weather. 

You can see the garden clearly when the sides are closed. You can open it up on warm days to take advantage of the cooling breeze and warmth from the sun. Your furniture, couches, plants, and tables will also be shielded from the wind and rain, just as in any other garden room. 


Efficient and low maintenance Extra Room  

Adding a glass or polycarbonate veranda with sides, you may create an outside living space that feels more like an additional room. You can use it for relaxing, eating, reading, interacting with others, and even working from home. A glass or polycarbonate veranda can offer an additional ‘room’ to your home, making it a considerably faster (and less expensive!) method of extending. Depending on product availability and installation schedules, Total Home NI can build a veranda in as little as 1-3 days. You may anticipate a rear home extension to take between three and six months to complete. 

The enclosure might feel cosy and private when closed because a veranda can come with sliding doors and a retractable roof. You can choose clear walls like glass or something more private like opaque polycarbonate, depending on your preferences. 

In addition to three different types of high-quality polycarbonate walls (with 16mm triple wall profiles), Total Home NI also offers glass structures. You can select between clear (which resembles glass), bronze (which is tinted but still transparent), and opal (which is opaque white) while using our polycarbonate. 


Stylish Extra Storage Space  

Never let your home become cluttered again by installing a stylish outside area for all of your belongings. You’ll have more place to store your garden chairs and children’s belongings because a glass or polycarbonate veranda with sides can be used as an additional room. You’ll also have space for weather-protected items like gardening tools or patio furniture. When not in use, you can even relocate your BBQ inside! 


Adds value to your Northern Irish Home  

Increases the value of a home by choosing a luxurious and high-quality veranda from Total Home NI. According to experts, an outdoor entertainment space that’s designed as an additional room can increase a property’s value by anything between 5% and 15% of the overall value. 


Brings the outside, Inside  

The ease of access to natural light and the lushness of your garden is another advantage of having a glass room veranda in your home. 

Without going outside, you can feel more connected to nature through the enclosure. This is especially advantageous if you or your family must restrict outside activity during the hay fever season. Additionally, with unhindered views of the garden from “inside” the house, you may peacefully engage in hobbies like springtime bird watching and summertime night watching.  

The best approach to give your garden more curb appoeal is to have a veranda within your house. By bringing you closer to nature and assisting you in making the most of your outside area so that you may enjoy it with your family and friends, they can increase your satisfaction at home. Contact us today and we will start to build you your dream veranda. 

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