How making Home Improvements can Increase the Value of your Home 

3 March 2023

How making Home Improvements can Increase the Value of your Home 


Many of us are always looking to make improvements to our homes, whether it is just for us to enjoy or we are looking to sell the property in the future- making home improvements will add value to your Northern Ireland home.

We will give you some tips as to which home improvements will increase your home’s value the most.

Replacing your front, back or garage door as a simple home improvement 

To increase the value of your Northern Ireland home, replace its doors. A front door, is a part of your house’s overall façade and that can increase the value of your home if it is attractive. Your home’s worth will change, especially if you buy a new entry door.

One of the first things visitors or people passing will notice when they come to your home is your front entrance. Choose a custom composite, uPVC or aluminium entrance door to make it memorable and always impressive. This is a home improvement that will always add value to your home but also add to the overall impression of your home, which further increases its value.

While making home upgrades, keep the return on investment in mind (ROI). This speaks to the value that renovations offer in relation to their price. To recoup as much of the money you invested in your property when you sell it, finish projects with a high return on investment. What kind of value is added by a new front door? The right front door can add as much as £4000 to the sale price of a property.

There are a number of aesthetic reasons why replacing a front door can increase the value of your Northern Ireland home.

  1. Attracts possible Buyers 

You might draw potential buyers for an open house as they stroll or drive by with an attractive home façade. More guests at your house may indicate more prospective buyers. This will spur competition, which can help you sell your home for the highest price possible. You’ll at least have more people come and look at your house, which will increase the likelihood that it will sell.

  1. Adds Colour and Curb appeal

A new front door is a simple method to experiment with a new colour and a chance to try a different style. The colour of your entry door sets the tone for the rest of your home and improves kerb appeal. Nonetheless, you need to pick colours carefully. While some colours are preferable to others, it all depends on the facade of your home. You can also take into account your pool of possible customers, taking into account if they prefer more contemporary or conventional tastes.

Purchasing a new door may provide you the opportunity to have your entryway customised by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer won’t let you alter a specific style, you can simply paint it before installing it.

Attract potential buyers and increase your Belfast home’s curb appeal by checking out our range of uPVC and composite doors here. 

Replacing the conservatory roof

Replace the roof of your conservatory to increase the value of your Northern Ireland house. Your home’s value may increase by up to 10% if you replace an old polycarbonate conservatory roof with a tiled roof option.

Polycarbonate was frequently used for conservatory roofs in the 1980s, and at the time, people praised it for being sturdy and long-lasting. It gets too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, our customers frequently respond when we ask them why they want to replace their polycarbonate roof.

There are many benefits to replacing your conservator roof that benefit both you and your home’s value.

  • Maximize the thermal efficiency of your conservatories with a replacement roof.

Your old conservatory roof can be replaced with a new glass or tiled roof, which will offer you an unrivalled level of thermal efficiency. You can definitely say good-bye to experiencing extremes of heat and cold. Both new glass and tiled roofs will be extremely energy efficient thanks to advancements in glazing.

  • Optimise your conservatory’s security with a replacement roof

Our glass roof replacements are exceptionally strong and highly secure because to their extraordinary durability. Without the use of specialised glass or blinds, our tile roof replacements are strong while also enhancing seclusion. Knowing that your home security is taken care of allows you to unwind.

Replacing your Windows

Expense of replacing windows versus rise in home value. According to a 2022 Halifax report, Northern Ireland property is averaging £183,825. Whereas, the average price to replace windows in Northern Ireland is £3000-5000, so yes, a lot less to gain greater return in the value of your home.

Every budget may be accommodated, even though a lot relies on the kind, size, and quantity of windows installed, thanks to cost-effective solutions like uPVC.

Double glazing can increase a property’s value by between 3% and 10% after installation. Hence, replacing your windows is a really economical home improvement project that will end up saving you a tonne of money over time.

Invest in energy-efficient windows as a home improvement 

Invest less and save more with energy-efficient windows. Installing new windows not only increases the value of your house but may also be quite cost-effective. This is due to the fact that contemporary double-glazed windows are significantly more energy efficient than their predecessors.

In fact, double-glazed windows can keep 10% more heat inside your home, reducing the need for radiator use which is especially important in our often cold, Northern Irish weather. Additionally, 60% of homeowners report that since adding double-glazed windows, their homes have become noticeably warmer.

Last but not least, double-glazed windows will improve insulation in your home, lowering the possibility of condensation and dampness for a more comfortable atmosphere.

Start your home improvements journey today and check out our range of windows here.

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