Buyers Guide to the Different Types of Windows

14 October 2022

Buyers Guide to the Different Types of Windows

There are so many different window styles on the market that sometimes the choice might seem overwhelming. With each window type having its own individual features and benefits, it’s important to choose the one that will match your specific requirements and preferences, so our team has put together a guide of the different window types we offer – so that you can make the most informed decision and choose the right windows for your home.


Casement windows, often chosen for their practicality are one of the most popular type of window used In both traditional and modern Belfast & Northern Ireland homes. Casement windows are available in a range of styles, such as top hung, side hung, arched, and more. Our Casement windows can be opened to varying degrees, allowing for variation between the amount of ventilation depending on your needs. Casement windows also allow maximum light into your Belfast or Northern Ireland home – creating a warm and comfortable environment.

Flush Casement

Flush Casement windows are also hung via hinges, but unlike standard Casement windows, the part of the window that opens sits flush within the frame, hence the name. These windows resemble traditional timber windows and are available in smooth and woodgrain finishes among many colours, so they look great in an older style of home, but due to their clean and sleek look, they are an excellent choice for contemporary homes as well. Just like standard Casement windows, they are extremely efficient and effective at ventilating your Belfast or Northern Ireland home.


Here at Total Home, we provide Aluminium windows in both Casement & Tilt & Turn styles. Thanks to their strength, aluminium windows achieve slim sightlines and with the focus placed on the glazing rather than the frame, you’ll get the most stylish look. Aluminium is remarkably strong and durable in use. Windows are the part of the house most likely to be affected by temperature fluctuations and bad weather, however aluminium windows can withstand wind and rain better than either wood or uPVC and will not be damaged by UV rays.

Slimline Steel-look windows

Inspired by Art Deco and industrial style steel window and door designs, the Aluco slimline, steel-look windows deliver a 21st Century solution for this iconic design. Featuring sleek, slim sightlines to produce a beautiful modern architectural glazing solution, Aluco crittall-look windows can be manufactured to suit virtually any application, across both traditional and contemporary styles. Manufactured from precision engineered aluminium, our Aluco products offer all the design and style capabilities but with the added benefit of advanced performance across thermal, security and durability for your Belfast or Northern Ireland home.

Sliding Sash

Unlike a traditional Casement window, a Sash window features two sashes that slide up and down. You can choose from horizontal or vertical sliders, as well as double or single hung sash windows, meaning you can choose Sash windows that best compliment your Belfast or Northern Ireland home. Sash windows are popular, and can also add value to your property as they’re not just practical – but they look good and are aesthetically pleasing. Sash windows fit excellently in period or traditional homes.

Mock Sash

Mock Sash Windows, aesthetically, look just as stylish as the real thing. However, the difference is – instead of two vertically sliding sashes, they have a fixed pane instead and a moveable panel that opens outwards like a Casement window. This outward opening panel allows Mock Sash windows to ventilate properties extremely well. These windows can also be a cost-effective alternative to genuine Sash windows for your Belfast or Northern Ireland home. Mock Sash windows are versatile, looking great on both period homes as well as modern properties, and as they are fitted with heat-trapping, multi chambered profiles, you can be confident that your new windows will give a strong thermal performance.

Tilt & Turn

Due to their security, Tilt & Turn windows are an increasingly popular option for Northern Ireland homeowners, but they also have excellent weatherproofing and durability. Tilt and turn windows are focused on versatility and convenience, which is why they are able to be opened in two different ways – they can either tilt inwards from the top or can be opened fully when swung open, depending on how you want to open them. Tilt & Turn windows are often found in more contemporary homes, but can also be used in traditional homes too. They are ideal for small spaces, and because they can be opened entirely or only a little, this provides a good variation in ventilation.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are also a common type of bay window, with at least four semi-circular/curved panes of glass. They feature a curved design that slightly protrudes out from the wall of the house and consist of four, five or six individual windows and provide a wide view of the outside.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows are projected outward, giving the illusion of space and depth in a room. With angular lines & flat panes, they are well suited to contemporary homes as well as traditional. These are stunning architectural pieces that can easily enhance property visual appeal, and they also increase floor space. Another benefit of a Bay Window is the vast amount of natural light it brings into a room. Normally a Bay Window will be made up of three or more windows, although there are various different styles and shapes of Bay windows, so there is sure to be an option to suit your Belfast or Northern Ireland home.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing allows you to have the highest levels of energy efficiency in your home. At Total Home, we use industry leading brands such as Pilkington and Saint-Gobain, so you can be assured your home will stay warm for years to come. Triple glazing allows for U-values as low as 0.6 W/m2K when combined with our aluminium systems, saving you money on fuel bills and improving the environmental efficiency of your Belfast or Northern Ireland home. Triple glazed units can also provide improved acoustic performance dramatically -variations in the panes used can reduce the noise from outside by an extra 5 decibels.

Acoustic Glazing

Acoustic glass is designed to keep noise outside your Northern Ireland home. It helps to achieve exceptional levels of sound insulation no matter the external environment. You might consider acoustic glazing if you live near a busy main road, in a noisy neighbourhood, or near an airport. Our Acoustic glazing can be applied to any of the windows we install, ensuring a peaceful and secure home.

Energy Efficient Glazing

Energy Efficient Glazing incorporates low-emissivity coated glass in order to prevent heat from escaping through windows or doors. This makes them highly thermally insulating, which improves the energy efficiency of your home & saves money on heating bills.

Why Total Home

Finding a home improvements supplier you can trust can be daunting. Luckily, here at Total Home Improvements, we make it easy. Based in Belfast, we fabricate all of our windows and doors in house. This grants us complete control over the process, ensuring quality control throughout. Our expert team of fitters will ensure the best, smoothest installation. For quality, choose us for your home.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to those who choose to visit our showroom and our friendly staff are ready to share their knowledge of the range to help you find the right design for your home. We’ll be able to advise you on the appropriate products and book you a consultation so that we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. That’s not all – here at Total Home we are offering you an extra £50 off your home improvement project when you book with us here in our showroom! (T’s & C’s Apply)

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