Our Tips: How to Maintain your Veranda

23 June 2023

Our Tips: How to Maintain your Veranda

Our Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Veranda  

At Total Home NI, we have recently launched our veranda range. There are options to install aluminium verandas with folding or louvered roofs and with the options to have beautiful and sophisticated glass sliding doors. We have complied a comprehensive guide to keep your veranda looing its best, all year around. Check it out below. 


Keep it Clean 

Regular cleaning is a crucial component of maintenance since it will keep the glass and frames tidy, reducing the risk of dirt damage. The veranda can be kept clean at all times by creating a schedule and following it. Keeping it clean is our top tip to keep your veranda looking its best. For instance, by cleaning the floor, wiping the glass windows, and sweeping the floor once a week. Dust, dirt, and any insects that may be in windows can be removed using a brush. Furthermore, using a brush or a hard piece of cloth to clean the area completely can guarantee that all filth is removed. It may be more efficient to combine a little vinegar or baking soda with water.  


Cleaning the Glass Panels  

No matter if you chose a glass or polycarbonate roof for your Total Home veranda, keeping it clean may significantly improve both the way it looks and how much you enjoy using it. 

Mix a tiny amount of a pH-neutral cleaning agent (e.g. baking soda) with lots of water and apply with a soft cloth to keep your panels as clean as a proverbial whistle. This will lessen the chance that any grit during cleaning would scratch the glass. 

Repeat the process outlined above if you chose the optional glass side panels, being careful not to scratch the surface. 


Cleaning the Aluminium  

Maintaining the cleanliness of the aluminium frames can also significantly improve the veranda’s appearance, especially if you chose a white frame. 

Once more going the gentle path, use a soft sponge to apply a mixture of a small bit of pH-neutral detergent and lots of clean water. 

To keep your aluminium frame looking brand-new, try to give it a once-over at least once a year. 


Cleaning any Fabric  

If you have added a sunshade as an accessory to your veranda, you might want to give these areas a little TLC every now and then to clean off extra dirt and dust. 

By simply brushing over the trouble spots with a soft brush or by using a hoover on a low setting, you may carefully remove the loose debris and dust build-up.  

Try to address this issue at the same time as using this procedure to remove any unsightly cobwebs that may have accumulated in difficult-to-reach spots. Mix a moderate detergent with warm water and apply it gently with a sponge to remove tough dirt and stains before giving the area a quick rinse. 


Things to Avoid:  

As a general rule, the “softly, softly” method is the ideal course of action to prevent damage to your magnificent Total Home veranda. Although all of Total Home verandas are constructed from the best materials, keep in mind that they are not indestructible. 

Avoid utilising acidic cleaning products because they may cause damage to your prized possession. Instead, use corrosive chemicals and powerful cleaning agents. 

Meanwhile, avoid using strong cleaning products that could cause noticeable scratches, such as scouring pads, abrasive tools, and sharp objects. 

In a similar vein, it would be wise to steer clear of pressure washer use as well because the strong jets could harm seals and moving components in particular. 


To keep your Veranda looking Good: 

Keep lighting in Mind  

Installing enough light in a veranda is a priority when you plan to use it day and night. The key is to understand how you want to use your veranda and installing lighting appropriately. Whether you are looking to use your veranda to cook, read, do some barbecue, and even socialise, keeping light helps. Cleaning the aluminium parts, glass panels, and the fabrics is the best way to take care of the veranda. However, it is important to consider the climate and the direction which the veranda faces to reduce evaporation. 



Nobody wants to spend time swatting flies away, but if you don’t have to, why rely on insect repellent? A good starting point is paying close attention to the plants you grow around your veranda. For instance, if you can grow or maintain lavender, marigolds, or mint close to where you sit, these plants can help ward flies. Plant strategically to ward against insects. 


Keep it Comfortable  

Sitting down on a wooden bench or hard seat is not inviting, and you won’t likely stay there for very long. However, if you focus on soft furnishings and mix and match patterns and colours, you’ll have a unique and comfortable space. The safest method to play around with patterns is to pick a colour scheme and stick with it while experimenting with pattern and print rhythm. For the greatest results, try to have at least three different patterns. A rug should be added, remember! 

Our garden room company, Total Garden Rooms also has further information on our veranda range and the possibilities of extending your garden room to create an even more beautiful space.

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